There are many ways to get involved at The Art of Living.  Financial support, volunteering, and in-kind donations are what keep our program and services continuing and expanding.

How Could You Help?

Send Financial Support

Your cash gift will help provide the children with the tools and resources they need to help them succeed.

Become Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of The Art of Living and allow us to continue to provide high-quality programs and services to the children.

In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations help the children get the basic items they need every day; shoes, clothes, coats, jackets, socks, and underwear.

One-time Donation

We Love to Upcycle!

Our art programs have a wonderful way of making old things new again. Our artists can always use antique costume jewelry, art supplies and equipment, bottle caps, wire, and wood pieces. If you have something else that you think may be of use, please reach out. 
If you would like to make a donation by check, please mail donations to 
The Art of Living – Donations
101 Saint Louis Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76104
The Art of Living is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 
Contributions may be deductible for income tax purposes as provided by law. Please consult your tax advisor.